3 Outdated Rules Ladies Do Not Have To Follow Anymore

Outdated Rules

Nowadays, there are so many dating rules but it doesn’t mean we should follow all of them. So, regardless of whether you are dating single cowboys, bikers, truckers or geeks, feel free to ignore these outdated rules and just follow your heart.

No sex on the first date

A several decades ago, you had to walk around with a scarlet A attached to your clothes if you had sex on the first date. Okay, not literally, but sleeping with someone that soon would make you seem easy and cheap in the eyes of society.

Nowadays, when Netflix and chill is the codename for sex, it is common to get intimate with someone on the first date. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should feel like a prude for only wanting a good old goodnight kiss instead.

Moreover, how far you go on a first date should depend on your and your date’s comfort levels. If you have this amazing connection and you both want to get some action, there is no reason why you should not do it. But if you don’t think that you are ready, that is perfectly okay too.

If he is a gentleman, he will pay

Just because he asked you out, doesn’t mean you should act dumb when the waiter brings the check. So, to ensure that your date goes as planned, you should offer to pay for the first round of drinks or appetizers. On the other hand, if your potential match wants to be chivalrous, let him do so. Keep in mind that it is completely normal for both sides to offer to pay the bill these days, so make sure that you always have enough money with you.

He should make the first move

You can ask him out first, you can kiss him first and you can call him first. These are the advantages of living in the 21st century. A lot of guys out there are either not bold enough to approach a girl or are completely clueless and have no idea you like them. Therefore, just make the first step and see what happens. After all, what do you have to lose?

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