4 Foolproof Ways To “Catch” A Cougar

Foolproof Ways

Flirting can be rather complicated and tricky, especially if you’re trying to hook up with a mature woman. These gals have seen it all and they won’t fall for cheap tricks and lame attempts. Cougar dating niche is complex and you need to be prepared before you go hunting. So, if you want to have a wonderful time with a mature gal, check out these 4 sure-fire ways to dazzle them.

Don’t Call Them Cougars

Yes, we know, we called them cougars in this article, but even though this term is not offensive per se, these gals don’t like to be called that on a date. They prefer “mature ladies” because it sounds dignified and sophisticated. Feel free to use these two adjectives to describe these lovely creatures, they will appreciate it. Therefore, if you want to be successful in this part of the dating world, make sure to show some respect and chivalry.

Be Confident When Talking To Them

These women don’t have time for insecure men. They’ve been through a lot during their life and now they want a strong independent partner. This is exactly why you need to come across as a man who is completely self-assured. Remember, confidence is extremely sexy!

Be Playful But Not Too Aggressive

Mature ladies love a good wordplay and they won’t mind if you get naughty with them, but you must be careful not to cross the line. If you say something creepy or if you start being aggressive, they will simply walk away from you. Tasteful humor is your best option.

Admire Them Openly

It’s no secret that older women tend to feel rather vulnerable and insecure every once in a while. They try really hard to hide these emotions, but you should definitely know that these ladies can feel fragile from time to time. This is why you should admire them openly every chance you get. Feel free to shower them with compliments during your date. Boost their confidence and they will know how to return the favor, be sure of that. A kind word can be a powerful ally, so don’t hesitate to praise your date’s intelligence, physical appearance, smile, or fashion sense. She will be more than grateful.

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