4 Reasons Why Men Stop Pursuing Women

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People think that dating in 2018 is a piece of cake. After all, we have all these online dating apps and websites that help us weed out the people we don’t have anything in common easily. Even though members of the online dating club only go out with people they’ve already talked to and have some kind of connection, that doesn’t guarantee that the date will be a successful one. For lots of reasons guys lose interest in their potential matches, so if you want to avoid making some rookie mistakes, here is what you need to know.

Asking shallow questions

Even if you have noticed that your date is wearing a Rolex and a very expensive pair of shoes, don’t ask him about his job or how much money he makes. Otherwise, you will run the risk of sounding like a gold digger and your date will be over in no time.

Acting like a drama queen

Okay, you broke your nail just before your date and your dog peed on your favorite shoes, so you have the right to be pissed off a bit. However, keep in mind that presenting ordinary daily events as serious problems can be off-putting. Guys hate dating drama queens who think that the world revolves around them. Therefore, the next time your date starts ghosting you, ask yourself whether your ego might be getting the best of you.

Mentioning your ex in the first hour

You don’t even know your date’s last name or the kind of food he likes, but you have already managed to mention your ex three times and the way he mistreated you. Talking about your previous lovers is the last thing you want to do on your date. So, unless you want to seem like you are still hung up on your ex, leave him out of the conversation.

Playing games

Flirting with the waiter, acting hot and cold and playing hard to get is perfectly fine if you want to go home alone and never see that guy again. Those immature games boys and girls play in high school (and even in college) can severely hurt your dating life. If you want to meet a guy who is looking for something serious, you have to change your ways and act your age.

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