4 Things Big Beautiful Women Hate To Hear

Hate To Hear

Throughout history, big women have been mistreated, harassed, and mocked. Sadly, we see this type of behavior today too, but somehow these ladies have found a way to cope with it. However, there are still some things big beautiful women hate to hear, so if you want to dominate the BBW dating scene, make sure not to say these 4 things in front of your date.

When A Skinny Person Says “I’m So Fat”

Ask anyone on BBW dating sites about this and they’ll confirm this is probably the worst thing a skinny person can say in front of a big gal. It’s incredibly rude and passive-aggressive, so whatever you do, make sure to avoid this statement when you’re hanging out with chubby ladies.

“You’re Not Fat At All”

These women might be sensitive and insecure when it comes to their physical appearance, but you should never say this to them. This condescending lie will hurt them more than any offensive statement. Big ladies don’t want you to lie to them, they just want to hang out with someone who’s honest. Therefore, be straightforward and whatever you do, don’t feel sorry for them because if you do, they will never talk to you again.

“I Hear Chubby Girls Are Always Cheerful”

This popular stereotype is one of the things big girls hate the most. Also, it is not true at all. Why would all chubby girls be cheerful and jolly? Every single one of them is special in her own way. They all have unique personalities and they don’t fit into some kind of pattern created by society. It’s very rude to generalize, so make sure not to say this to your big beautiful girl, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

“Big Girls Are My Fantasy”

For some sick reason, most people believe that these girls don’t mind being objectified and fetishized. This, of course, is completely incorrect. Chubby gals are also troubled by these things and they hate when guys tell them they fantasize about having sex with large women. It’s degrading, demeaning, and disrespectful. So, if you don’t want your BBW date to be disgusted by you, keep this one for yourself.

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