5 Mistakes You Should Avoid On The First Date

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As a single woman, I probably don’t have the right to give dating advice to other ladies who are looking for love. However, I can definitely help single guys improve their chances. After all, I have been on so many dates that I know exactly where guys make mistakes. So, fellows, before you meet people online and start going on dates, read this list of things you should never do on a first date.

Trying to get your date drunk

I was once on a date with a guy who was constantly topping up my glass. There are only two reasons why a man is doing this: either he is trying to get me drunk so that I would think that his jokes are funny or wants to get into my pants. Whatever it is, keep in mind that we will see right through you and dump your ass before you even say ‘Cheers’.

Getting drunk

I understand that first dates can be nerve-wracking but getting wasted is not the way to go. Stick to a couple of glasses of wine if you want to make a good first impression. If I need to help you get in a cab, you will probably never see me again.

Looking at your phone

If I am talking about my family or my job and you are constantly looking at your phone and texting someone, rest assured that there won’t be a second date. This kind of behavior is simply disrespectful, so instead of staring at your phone, focus on your date.

Being rude to other people

Maybe you are treating me like a queen, but if you are rude to our waiter, taxi driver or the people sitting at the next table, our first date is going to be our last, too.

Paying with meal vouchers

If we were in a serious relationship, perhaps it would be okay to pay with vouchers. However, this will only make you look like a huge cheapskate on the first date. Therefore, if you really, really need to pay with coupons, consider paying away from the table, so that your date doesn’t see what you are doing.

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