5 Online Dating Tips Trans Women Should Follow

Contrary to popular belief, trans women are not hypersexual creatures who are ready to get down with anyone who looks at them twice. People need to stop believing everything that happens in porn movies! Because of guys who treat trans women like crap, these ladies have started to use transgender dating sites in order to find love. This allows them to weed out fetishists and fellows who are only after one thing and recognize genuinely nice guys. If you are a trans woman who is thinking about searching for love online, here are several tips that will help you avoid ending up in bad relationships.

Work on your self-esteem

Before you start dating online, you need to work on your self-esteem and learn to love yourself. Only then will you be able to find a guy who truly deserves you.

Take it slow and don’t commit too early

You have been burned so many times in your life, so try taking things slow for a change. If your date is putting the pressure on to have sex too soon, he probably isn’t your Prince Charming. After all, what is the rush? A man who is really interested in you as a person won’t mind taking things slow. Wait until you feel completely comfortable with someone to take things to the next level, and stay out of fetishists who are only interested in sleeping with you.

Speak up!

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and spell out what you are looking for in a man. What do you have to lose? Guys who don’t fit your criteria will back away and you will see who is worthy of your time.

Trust your gut

Don’t ignore your sixth sense. Even if you take all the steps to keep yourself safe and only meet guys who seem great, keep in mind that there are a lot of charlatans out there who can easily fool you. Therefore, if you are talking to a man who seems dreamy but something about him just feels off, move on.

Don’t mistake backhand compliments for real ones If you go out with a guy who tells you that you look amazing for a trans woman, don’t take it as a compliment. Men who say stuff like that are rude and ignorant guys pretending to be nice, so steer clear of them.

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