5 Things You Need To Know Before You Hop On Somebody’s Bike

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Riding on the back of a bike is actually a lot less sexy than it sounds. No, you cannot wear those sexy outfits you saw on biker calendars because you will most likely freeze your ass off (and get hurt in case something goes wrong). No, you can’t feel the wind in your hair because you will be wearing a helmet all the time. And yes, you need to learn all those safety rules before you even hop on a bike. If dating single bikers still seems very appealing to you, here are several guidelines you will surely find useful.

Safety comes first

Don’t even think about hopping on someone’s bike without your gear on. Okay, we can all agree it doesn’t look sexy, especially when you are looking like Michelin Man because all of those layers. However, in case you have an accident and you fall off a bike, you will be so grateful that you have that equipment on.

Ask questions before the ride

If you are riding with your potential match for the first time, ask him questions about his bike. Learn which parts of his motorcycle can burn or pinch and see if he has any pre-ride instructions for you.

Don’t let go

Instead of letting your mind wander, pay attention to what is going on and brace for braking and acceleration by holding the handles or his waist. If you are not an experienced pillion passenger, ask your date to avoid abrupt or extreme starts or stops. Keep your feet on the pegs at all times, otherwise you can easily upset the balance and cause an accident.

Don’t be afraid to lean

It might be scary to lean in corners, but you need to do it or you will cause a problem. The worst thing you can do is sit upright when the driver is leaning, so learn how to relax and go with the flow.

Communicate with your partner

You can talk all you want; your date probably won’t hear a thing you say. Therefore, learn how to use hand gestures or consider getting Bluetooth communicators. These gadgets are very useful but we suggest you get them only if you are in a serious relationship. Trust us, the last thing a biker wants during a ride is to listen to some girl he’s just met blabbing the whole time.

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