7 Types Of Girls You Should Date In A Lifetime

Girls You Should Date In A Lifetime

From the dawn of civilization, men and women had been dating, looking to find that significant other to start a family with. Those with experience in dating usually say that finding the right one is a combination of luck and trial and error process.

There are different types of girls everywhere around us. Depending on age and maturity, men go through so-called stages or phases. Lucky ones get to try it all, from bbw dating to going out with a supermodel. Here is the list of types of girls every man will probably date before he chooses his destiny.

1. Nerd

Why nerd, you may ask? Because we all need that benchmark from where we go only up. Men are not picky, especially if we drink one or two shots past are tolerance threshold. Then everything is possible, and the more we drink more she gets beautiful. That’s the ugly truth, but it is the truth.

2. Troublemaker

Usually beautiful and wild at the same time, with deep issues or with gypsy blood in her veins. Whatever the reason may be that fuels her behavior she will love you like crazy, and she will get you in all sorts of trouble. I’m not necessarily talking bank-robbery here, but anything from bar fights, sex in the public place, to stealing liquor at the supermarket. Anything that will raise the level of adrenaline and thus prove your love to her. Fun for a while, but harmful on a long term base.

3. Plus Size Honey

There are many bbw singles out there. That is a pity. Okay, the physical appearance won’t sweep you off your feet, but these ladies have everything real women should. They cook, they love unconditionally, they take care of all your needs. Yet, people tend to avoid them sometimes. Their loss.

4. High School Sweety

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get a chance to date your high school crush while you were actually in the high school. It’s written in the stars that every man has to date this particular type of girl. Don’t sweat it. It will happen.

5. First Big Love

That’s the one. I am gonna marry this girl. She is all I ever dreamed of. Wrong. Since this probably happens in your early twenties, it’s like a preparation for the real thing. The emotion is real, the break-up hurts as hell, but it’s just never gonna work out. Why? Because you are not a completely emotionally developed person. Consider this a good training camp for the real deal.

6. Rebound

You have had it with love. Never again will you let your heart make decisions for you. Good for you, but let’s be real. The heart is always implicated when it comes to ladies. This girl will be your fun girl. You will rarely leave the comfort of the bedroom and that’s why this relationship never lasts for a long period of time.

7. The One

The first time you really go bananas for a girl after the number five on the list will be your the time you have to do all the necessary things that proper courtship requires. This one you will actually marry, assuming that you have learned from those mistakes that number five training camp experience provided for you.

If you date all the types from the list that’s great if not, that’s also great. You have just chosen a different path. You will get to meet bbw, nerd, the “false” one and all the other types of girls out there. And they are all special.

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