Beginners Guide: How To Behave On HIV Dating Sites

HIV dating sites

When online dating was a new thing, you just had general dating sites. Today, there are plenty of niche sites out there, so if you want to date an HIV positive person or you yourself are positive (or both) you can easily find a date. However, these sites come with their own rules, so do a little research before you go online.


If you want to have a successful dating experience on HIV dating sites, there are some things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips if you are getting back in the saddle.

Be honest

On the bright side, when you are HIV positive dating your potential partner already knows about your condition. So forget about having that unpleasant conversation and just enjoy your dating experience. When you are making a profile on a dating site, be honest with other users. Don’t upload your picture from 10 years ago or say that you are taller/thinner than you really are. Lying on dating sites will just come back to bite you on the ass. The point of online dating is that you will meet some HIV singles and go on actual dates in the real world. Since you are meeting face to face they will see whether you were telling the truth. Be charming and genuine, and let your character and charm speak for themselves.

Don’t exaggerate

Some things easily get blown out of proportion. You may not do it, but expect it from others. They are trying to sell themselves to you so they may over exaggerate their attributes and achievements. On the other hand, some things are understated. If you see that someone writes chubby, cuddly, fluffy or whatever on their profile, there is a possibility they cannot fit into their chair. People twist facts on the Internet, so keep your eyes open.

Know what you want

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you will save yourself some time. If you definitely don’t want a partner with children, remove that option straight off. If you want to find someone who lives in your area, try local dating sites. Don’t waste your time on people you just know you won’t date.

Safety first

When you are chatting online, never give out personal information or send money to the person you  are talking to. Don’t give them your credit card number, your address or even your last name. Only when you have got to know each other well you can start letting your guard down.  To be on the safe side, meet in a crowded place. Any restaurant, coffee shop or a museum will do. Tell your loved ones where you are going and bring your cell phone with you.

Be mysterious

You don’t have to tell them your whole history and reveal your plans for the future on the first date. Keep something for yourself. Don’t give too much away too soon as you will run out of conversation topics on your second date.

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