Biker Dating Tips: 4 Ways for Making Your First Date Memorable [INFOGRAPHIC]

biker dating

The way bikers date is already very different from ordinary people, but there are also things you can do to make your first date with a biker the most memorable one yet.

While most tradition
al dates usually go down the same road, biker dating is a completely different story when it comes to exhilaration and bonding over something both parties are interested in.

Ordinary folk have seen so many dates end prematurely due to the fact that they don’t have anything in common with the person sitting across the table from them – but the case is exactly the opposite when it comes to bikers. That’s why we wanted to tell you about a few ways to make your first date with a biker and their ride the most memorable one yet.

1. Pick Your Route Together

We’re not saying that the element of surprise doesn’t have any value, but it’s a risky move and might just lead to your date not liking the destination you have picked for your ride together. Because of this, it’s important that both you and your biker date pick a route together.

biker dating

Although you’re both into bikes and riding, it’s not necessarily implied that your date likes to take trips through the same environments as you do. Make picking the destination a joint decision if you want things to go as smoothly as possible.

2. All in One Day

Most (if not all) bikers are aware that road trips on bikes are pretty awesome, but seeing as they require sleepovers and this is supposed to be your first date with a fellow biker, try to avoid making the ride an excessively long one.

The best thing to do here is to ensure that the ride you’re planning is a single-day one. When two adults who are romantically engaged find themselves in a sleepover, certain things are expected to happen – however, forcing these things so early in the relationship isn’t such a good idea, so make sure your date can be completed in one day.

3. Offer To Ride on the Same Bike

Regardless of whether or not your biker date actually possesses a motorcycle at the moment, you should probably suggest that you only take one bike and ride together on it.

If it’s not obvious enough, let us explain. Riding on the same bike isn’t only physically engaging, but it also strengthens the bond between two romantically involved people and removes any form of competition that might have surfaced if you had taken two bikes for the ride.

4. Neither One of You Should Eat Dust

Being a showoff is a somewhat instinctive reaction when two bikers find themselves on the road together. And while demonstrating the power of your machine and the sharpness of your skills, it’s not recommended that you do this on the first date with a fellow biker.

You’re not supposed to outdo each other and it’s not a race. There’s a big difference between two bros on a joint ride and a biker couple on a first date – make sure you don’t forget this even if your bike has a lot more power than your date’s.

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