What Color Of Your Outfit Says About You

TS date

If you want to leave a positive first impression, choosing the right type of dress or shoes isn’t enough. Namely, you will also need to select the color of your outfit very carefully since it can have a considerable impact on the way people perceive you.

Therefore, before you start getting ready for your TS date, take some time to think about what kind of impression you want to leave. After that, choosing a proper color will be a cakewalk indeed.


We all know that brides wear white, but did you know why? This color is a symbol of purity and innocence, so if you want to look impeccable, choose this color.


While light blue is a soft color which is associated with peace and trust, dark blue is in tight relation to masculinity. Therefore, trans women should always opt for a lighter version.


If you want to look hot as hell and impress your date, wear a red dress. This color is always associated with fire, passion, desire, and sex. It is safe to say that if you show up in a red outfit, everyone will notice you!


This is the perfect color for romantic souls. If you have always dreamed about your prince charming and you believe you’re a real girly-girl, incorporate pink into your wardrobe.


Many people think that black makes you look like a grieving widow, but the truth is that with the right choice of black outfit, you can look elegant, powerful and mysterious.


Since dark green is related to money and ambition, choose this color for a job interview, not a date. Also, make sure to select a lighter version of green for your romantic night out because it can make you look fresh and youthful.


This is a really bright color, and it symbolizes joy and energy. Wear it when you want to emphasize your playful side, like when you are going for a game of mini golf with your date.


No, orange isn’t the new black because this color is in connection with enthusiasm and attraction. If your outfit seems too dark, just wear an orange sash, and you will immediately look fresh.


This is pretty much a down-to-earth color. Maybe it is not the best choice for a date since it can make you appear overly serious.

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