Creating An Online Profile: 4 Guidelines Which Will Make Your Life Easier

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Although writing an online dating profile seems like a piece of cake it can be pretty tricky. You have to cram your plans, goals, interests and dreams into just several well-organized sentences. If you want to find a date with free personals you will have to become quite a wordsmith. Don’t worry if you are not Tolstoy. With these guidelines you will create a kick-ass profile.

Be specific about who you are

Forget about what people want to hear. Be who you are not what people want you to be. This way you will avoid creating a generic and meaningless profile. You know that one where you say that you are a nice person who likes to have fun. If you want to meet someone who shares your interests and goals you have to mention them in your bio. Let other users know that you love movies with Meryl Streep, making spicy food, watching Super Bowl in your lucky sweatshirt and going to heavy metal concerts. This way you will receive messages from people who like you for who you are.

Be upfront about your desires

If you know exactly what you want, then say it. That way you will save you and other some time. If you don’t want to date a smoker, let other users know that the smell of cigarettes makes you sick. If you are an animal person, encourage cat and dog people to contact you. Would you date someone with kids? How about someone without a college degree? If you know what your deal breakers are list them in your profile.

Turn your charm on

Before you upload your profile, read it out loud and ask yourself – would you date this person? Check your spelling and don’t be vulgar. Try to seem positive, fun, charming and humble. If you sound too negative or rude you need to give your profile a makeover. Don’t write about politics, religion, don’t mention your ex lovers, heartbreaks, family issues or money problems.

Keep it short

Like we said, you have to cram everything you are in several great sentences. People don’t have time to read your whole life story, they just want the cliff notes. If you want to ensure that other users read your whole biography, keep it short and sweet.

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