Be Creative: 5 Amazing Dates You Can Have at Home

We think we can all agree that when you meet your perfect match on a BBW dating site, you shouldn’t hide her from the rest of the world. Be proud that she is your girl, flaunt her, take her out and hold her hand in public. However, sometimes it is nice to have an indoor date at your own home. You just need a little imagination and almost no money to make this night memorable. Here are several cheap date ideas that are actually cute and romantic as hell.

BBW dating

Make a blanket fort

Yes, the kind you made when you were little! Remember how that fort made you feel? Now you can make an even better one, with the TV inside, the whole mattress, and some snacks. We guarantee your new girl will just love this idea.

Open a restaurant in your own kitchen

Who says you have to go out to have a nice, romantic dinner? Invite your girl over, dim lights, put on a nice record and cook something for your partner. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, even some grilled meat will do the trick. The most important thing here is that you enjoy each other’s company and just relax and have a good time.

Give massages

Make sure the sheets on your bed are clean and warm from the dryer, buy some massage oils and scented candles, play some ambient music and give your girl a massage she will never forget. It doesn’t have to be a sexy one at all, just try to make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

Watch YouTube videos you love

Sharing funny or emotional videos with each other will help you get to know one another, especially if you go down the music lane. You can tell a lot about the person by what is on their playlist, so learn what bends and musicians are on top of her list.

Do crafts

Even if you are all thumbs you can still have a blast making mosaic stepping stones, painting coffee mugs or customizing wine glasses. Therefore, hit the craft store and get packaged projects you can do with your partner. It doesn’t matter if all your projects end up in the bin, you will have so much fun gluing and painting stuff that this will be a date she will gladly remember.

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