Dating a Widower 101: 5 Signs That You Have Found the One

widower dating

While some women think that widower dating is daunting, others don’t mind if their new love interest has a late wife. It only means that he is capable of loving someone and committing to them completely. Okay, he has a lot of emotional baggage, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? If you think you have found your soulmate in a form of a widower, there are 5 signs that you are not wrong.

You have an unspoken connection

You have been dating for a while and now you are so close that you can communicate without even saying a word. You can easily tell what the other one is thinking or feeling simply by watching each other’s gestures. You have a special bond so make sure you nurture it.

You can easily calm each other

You can easily soothe him with just a couple of words whenever he is feeling down or stressed off. Also, he knows how exactly to calm you down when you are nervous or angry. You don’t need to take a Xanax, you have one another and that is all the drug you need.

You are completely comfortable around him

You can walk around the house in your pajamas, let him know that you love watching Disney cartoons and sing while washing the dishes, and you won’t feel uncomfortable around him even for a second. All in all, you are able to be yourself around him and he actually prefers the messy, house version of you.

Distance is not an issue

He can go on a business trip or you can be out of town for a week and your relationship won’t suffer a bit. No matter how far from each other you are, you always go the extra mile to catch up and talk about each other’s day.

He makes you a better person

He takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you try things you never knew you would. When you are in doubt, he shows you which one is the right thing to do and makes you the better version of yourself. If you dating a widower who is transforming you into a better person, hold on to him, he is definitely a keeper.

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