The Evolution of Online Dating Services and Its Future

The Evolution

It’s 2017, and it’s weird but there are still many singles who are suspicious of online dating services. Even if it’s a free dating service, they are hesitant to use it. It could be a hipster thing, or a general disillusionment with their experiences. A few years ago when online dating became hot and heavy and widely accepted, almost everyone single (and even some not-so single people) signed up and started exploring the digital world of romance. Now that many years have passed and people have intimate knowledge of how online dating services work, they are more critical and careful of where they choose to be.

That’s why so many exclusive online dating sites have popped up. No one wants to meet and date through Tinder or Facebook anymore, the older and more experienced singles are getting, the more refined and streamlined, and personalized experiences people want. It’s almost like they want someone particular to take their details and then go on a hunt just for them, like a real matchmaker. It’s putting a site which may be a free dating site on it’s head because now people are willing to pay for quality and not just quantity.

Access means Excess

Having more people to look through and contact is really tiring. How many times can you swipe left a day? Or look through pages of people, with new singles signing up daily, in larger cities, by the thousands. No one has time to go through each profile and read, and a lot of the times, looking through messages, a lot of which are unsolicited and irrelevant, is more annoying than flattering. The infatuation and romance with online dating services is over. This is a new era of online dating where people want more from their apps and profiles.

Any why not? If you pay, why should you have to be subjected to so many profiles with no real way of knowing that you are spending your time smartly. A service that just lets you in the door to a party but doesn’t introduce you to anyone, and lets you wander around looking for somewhere to get a drink, and get comfortable, on your own. That’s OK if you’re not paying, but now a days, people want to have their profiles considered, and be offered matches and opportunities to meet quality people they actually might like. Introductions are now the new wave of online dating services, and chipping away at the enormous numbers are the service providers’ responsibility. There sheer volume of people out there looking for love, and someone’s chances of finding someone to date online, are getting smaller every day. It’s like trying to find someone to date in a huge crowd, like at a concert, where no one can hear you say your name.

With this in mind, when you do choose one of the many online dating services available, choose one where you have to pay, but where you will get results. That means you get matched up, based on who you are and your profile. Letting the machine break down the numbers and make online dating digestible for you, is a necessity. Otherwise, you’ll probably just get lost in the digital sea of fish out there, because there’s singles a plenty.

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