Follow These 3 Rules to Impress the Chubby Lady of Your Dreams

meet BBW

If you have just joined the dating scene and want to meet BBW, you are in luck. You can find a bunch of niche dating sites online where you will be able to meet a lot of big single ladies from your area. That said, you need to know that going out with a chubby woman is both simple and complicated at the same time. Feel confused? Well, read the following tips and you will realize what we’re talking about.

Be polite

You should act like a gentleman all the time, let alone when you’re on the date. It’s not a rocket science, even though it requires some practice. It usually includes tactfulness and good manners, which are essential when you’re addressing a plus-size person. The good news is that these can be honed via everyday communication with family members, co-workers, and friends.

Don’t give her pointers

Don’t spend the whole evening talking about healthy foods with low calories, workouts or great gyms in your neighborhood when you are on a date with a chubby lady. She is on a romantic date, not Weight Watchers meeting! So, unless she suggests you go hiking or cycling together, don’t mention anything related to weight loss. After all, if you don’t like her the way she is, you should thank her for a pleasant evening and go home. There’s really no need to break her heart and make her feel self-conscious.

Be proud to be her guy

If you have been dating a BBW for some time, you shouldn’t hesitate to introduce her to your friends or even family members. After all, she has a bunch of qualities you like and we’re sure that your loved ones will recognize them as well. If you are ashamed to be seen with her and you see each other only when you come over to her place, you really need to have an honest conversation with yourself and decide what you want.

Make her life fun

If you have decided to date a chubby girl, take her someplace fun. You don’t have to spend every date in a restaurant when there are so many options to choose from. See what kind of activities she enjoys and take her bowling, go swimming, play games at the arcades or visit museums and galleries, for instance.

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