HIV Dating Tips: Score A Date With These 5 Steps

Score A Date With These 5 Steps

The world of dating can sometimes be messy, scary and confusing, but it can provide a lot of fun and excitement. Just because you are HIV positive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join the game. The special one is somewhere out there, you just have to get back on that horse.
HIV dating can be more complicated than regular dating, but the basics are the same. Just be persistent and we are sure that you will find your soulmate. Follow these steps and the success is guaranteed.

Make sure you are ready

Firstly, make sure you are comfortable with your condition. Be sure who you are and what you want before you step into the dating world. It is also necessary that you are really open and ready to meet somebody new. Make sure you are committed to HIV positive dating and in turn you could meet someone really great.

Go online

Thanks to the Internet you can find your match without ever having to leave your home. There are thousands of dating sites online and you just have to choose which one is the most convenient for you. In the online dating world you can meet cougars, bikers, cowboys, trans people or HIV positive people just like yourself. Use only legit websites make sure to check the terms and privacy thoroughly. Be sure that the website guarantees complete privacy of your messages and photos.

Create a great profile

One of the most important tips for HIV positive dating is knowing how to create a good profile. Make sure that your profile illustrates your positive qualities, just don’t come off as too cocky. Think about what kind of person you would like to attract and base your description on that. Upload a profile picture because most of users wouldn’t even open a profile without a profile picture. Don’t use an old photo. If you hit it off with someone you will have to meet them in person, and they could feel like they have been tricked.

Make a good first impression

When it comes to HIV dating online, the first message is the first impression. It can be a positive one or it can be a deal breaker. Avoid copying and pasting messages because it can be a little obvious. Be careful and avoid spelling mistakes. The best ice breaker is mentioning mutual interests. Find something on their profile you both share and then talk about that.

Take it slow

You have all the time in the world. You don’t have to meet everyone you chat with in person. Only when you have exchanged a good amount of messages and got to know each other it is ok to meet offline. Don’t expect much and be prepared that the date can be a bad one. Just because you clicked online, maybe you won’t have anything to say to each other when you are sitting in a restaurant. Prepare yourself for an awkward situation, so if it goes well you will be pleasantly surprised. If not, you already expected it so there is no need to be discouraged.

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