How to Date while having Herpes

herpes dating

It’s not exactly an ideal situation when you’re diagnosed with genital herpes. It means that you have to be on medications and, furthermore, that sexual encounters are either a big “no-no” for you or that you have to pay extra attention while performing such activity. On the other hand, however, is herpes dating.

Just because you have HSV (herpes simplex virus) doesn’t necessarily mean you should be out of the dating game, regardless of the popular opinion. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips on how to take part in dating with herpes, whether through herpes dating sites or by finding other HSV singles in the offline world.

Disclosure is Key

Although you might feel ashamed or even fearbeing shunned for having herpes in the first place, there are still a lot of reasonable people out there who understand that being HSV-positive doesn’t necessarilymean that you’ve had unsafe sex.

This is why it’s of utmost importance that you disclose the truth about your herpes – but at the right moment. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to HSV dating sites, as having herpes is pretty much a prerequisite on these web pages.

Starting a new relationship with sex is out of the question here. Kissing, however, is allowed and it furthermore increases the level of intimacy with another person. Only when they’re attached enough should you reveal that you’re infected with the virus because it will look weird if you do it before and it will make you look like you don’t care enough about them if you don’t tell them past that point.

You Will Know Rejection

Rejection is a regular part of dating, with or without herpes. Being HSV-positive only increases your chances of getting turned down, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to find love.

The widespread opinion goes like this:if you have herpes, stay away from other people, especially regarding physical contact – this is the bluntest version of it, but you get the point. Fear of things we don’t understand can make us irrational and inconsiderate, which is something you should keep in mind every time you get rejected while dating with herpes.

Keep Going no Matter what

They say that love conquers all but has anyone ever said such a thing about herpes? No, because it wouldn’t be right. Just as rejection is a constant in dating, so is finding romance and happiness, even if you’re stuck with genital HSV.

If you’ve tested positive, you’re aware of the risks for you and others. If you approach someone, whether online or offline, and they reject you because of herpes, then they’re not worthy of you because they’re incapable of understanding.

However, if you take your time with someone you’re interested in and approach the subject carefully enough, there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to get over your “situation.” Herpes can is treatable,and it comes and goes,but true love is once in a lifetime so make sure you don’t miss your chance.

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