How To Make A Good Impression on a Senior Lady in 3 Easy Steps

senior dating

So, you have joined one of senior dating sites, found a potential match and agreed to go out on a date with her. Whether you are an experienced dater, or you just got back on the market, you are probably a little nervous over meeting someone for the first time. The most important thing about the first date is that you leave a great first impression. So, without further ado, here are three easy steps you should follow to ensure your dating success.

senior dating

An air of fresh breath

No matter how classy or chivalrous you are, if you smell funny that will be the only thing your date will remember about you. You probably know you should take a shower and put on cologne before you go to a date. Also, we suggest you use a mouthwash or chew a mint gum just before you meet her.

Don’t be late

One thing that won’t help you make a good first impression is being late. It is rude and shows your date that you are not taking her seriously and do not respect her time. Showing up on time is a good way to get your date started off on the right foot. If you are meeting her in a restaurant, it is wise to be 10 minutes early. That way, you can stand up and greet her as soon as she walks into the venue.

Be energized

Don’t act as you haven’t slept for three nights in a row. We know, first dates are awkward for everyone but if you seem really excited to be on that date, your potential match will immediately feel more relaxed.

Furthermore, you will easily break the ice at the very beginning of the date and thus make a great first impression with your optimistic attitude. To feel more energized, get a good night’s sleep before the big day and avoid taking naps. These can easily leave you feeling groggy and you will show up looking like a zombie. Instead, go for a hike or take a walk around your neighborhood. A little exercise can release endorphins and make you feel more energized and readier to tackle the world.

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