Pioneer Singles Knocked Me and My Love Life out of This World

pioneer singles

Giving up on love is not a particularly fun experience. After all of the turmoil, heartache, pain, and emotional suffering, all you’re left with is resentment, regret, and anger. I should know, I went through it. However, I also came back.

Finding love for the first time was hard enough and when I finally did I honestly thought that I was done with the whole thing. I never could have imagined that I would be back in the game just several years later. When I met my (now ex) wife, I was so happy not just because I thought that I found someone to cherish for the rest of my days, but also because I thought that I didn’t have to date anymore. I was never particularly good at it, nor did I care for the whole “let’s keep it casual” sort of thing. I knew what I wanted – stability, family, and peace. And for some time I did have that, but it fell apart in what now seems like a couple of hours. Everything I built and everything that was in my life was shattered into a million pieces, never to be glued back together again. I don’t regret anything now, but back then… That’s a whole different story, man.

After seven years of marriage and one particularly rambunctious kid later, I found myself homeless, wifeless and loveless. My wife with whom I had spent all those years in holy matrimony and whom I dated for three years prior left me because she didn’t love me anymore. She said it as though she was simply stating what to put on the grocery list, and all I remember from that night was complete and utter anger burning through my chest. I just couldn’t believe it! How could anyone up and leave their partner, someone with whom they shared a life (not to mention a child), and decide that they didn’t want to work on their problems. One of the things that made me mad the most was the fact that she didn’t even bother to give me a heads up! It was like a bad movie plot – she just woke up one day and realized she didn’t love me anymore. So, I did the only thing I could: I licked my wounds, I accepted my fate, and focused all of my energy on our son.

It took a lot of time before I even began thinking about dating again – two years to be precise. Some might say that that was a bit too much, but I was so hurt I just couldn’t muster up the will and energy for one lousy date. However, two years and a pretty dull social life later, I figured it was time to get back in the saddle. But now I had another problem: how was I supposed to do that? As someone who was divorced, a single parent, and ditched like an old boot, I felt completely out of the loop when it came to the matters of the heart. And frankly, I was.

Luckily for me, I lived in the 21st century and online dating was the common way of modern romancing. However, before I dared to go back into dating at all, I knew I had to deal with my love issues first so I wouldn’t end up hurting someone like my ex had hurt me. With a little bit of research I found what I was looking for – Pioneer Singles. This blog site proved to be worthy of my time: it was packed with dating tips and advice, and a whole array of people who were dealing with different relationship problems. After spending several weeks by reading everything on the site, I decided I was ready to give love another chance. I managed to go on a lot of dates, and eventually found someone who I could imagine loving one day. Although I still haven’t reached that point, I feel remarkably confident in my future romantic endeavors. Even more importantly, I know that whatever happens I will be okay.

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