Taking a Break from HIV Dating Scene: 6 Ways to De-Stress Your Mind

HIV dating community

Being a part of the HIV dating community is stressful. Finding love is often a difficult task, and when you are positive it can seem like a mission impossible. However, keep in mind that you should not focus too hard on finding a mate. After all, people can sense if you are desperate and it will chase them away. Therefore, you need to take a break from your dating life from time to time and find a way to de-stress yourself. Since binge drinking is definitely not a wise idea and those spa resorts cost too much, here is a list of effective self-soothing methods that don’t cost anything.

Get moving

You will feel more happy and relaxed if you include exercise in your daily schedule. Regardless of whether you decide to walk, hike or go to the gym, exercising releases the stress and gives you a boost of mood-enhancing endorphins.

Listen to music

Please don’t listen to sappy love ballads! Instead, keep those beats loud and happy. Listening to this kind of upbeat music will cheer you up and distract you from negative thoughts.

Declutter your home

We know it sounds silly, but cleaning your home and organizing things can help provide you with a sense of control. Therefore, throw out those things you haven’t used in ages, move the furniture around and organize your draws. Spending time in a clean and organized home will give you a sense of serenity.

Keep a journal

It doesn’t matter if you are not a teenage girl, writing down your thoughts puts you in touch with your worries and feelings, and helps you process them in a constructive way.

Think positively

Stop putting yourself down and suffocating your brain with unhelpful thoughts. Instead of thinking about your HIV status and how it is affecting your life, focus on the fact that you are growing stronger and better every day.

Adopt a puppy

These little furry creatures can bring you so much joy and help you turn your life around. Studies have even shown that petting a dog can lower a blood pressure! If you want to de-stress and have someone that will love you unconditionally, rescue a dog. Not only will you feel amazing but you will also give that helpless creature a home.

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