Top 3 Reasons Why Cougar Dating Will Change Your Life

Change Your Life

Once you try cougar dating, all the other girls, especially the down to earth ones who are cute and funny will seem like you have to settle for whipped cream when what you really wanted was ice cream. However, before you actually embark on an adventure with a cougar, we’d like to prepare you for what you’d be getting yourself into, hence our short but on-point list of the most frequent cougar qualities.


Reason #1: Cougars Are Experienced

You can expect nothing short of having your world rocked and turned upside down if you opt for cougar dating. Cougars by definition are mature, experienced women, and they’ve got tricks you haven’t seen yet. If you’ve only been dating girls your own age, you’ll be amazed by what a cougar knows, how far she’s willing to go, and how that is going to change your perception of sex for good. Also, thanks to their experience in the matters of the heart, and in life in general, cougars know how to pick their battles and come out victorious. They won’t bug you with silly little fights just to get your attention, and they certainly won’t put you in awkward positions where you have to make a choice between her and your friends or family.

Reason #2: Cougars Know What They Want

The reason why you’ll never be in that sort of awkward position is simple – a cougar doesn’t need you, she wants you. When a girl needs you, she requires you at her beck and call all the time, being there for her even when she doesn’t know she needs you, reading her mind and making her every wish come true. When a woman wants you, she makes sure she has you wrapped around her finger, and not only are you not aware of it, you’re actually thrilled by how she treats and appreciates you. That’s the beauty of experience that makes a woman know exactly what she wants and how to get it. You’ll absolutely fall in love with cougar dating when you see how great it is when a woman makes you feel like you’re the most awesome male that ever walked the face of the earth.

Reason #3: Cougars Are Established

You can meet cougars in all sorts of ways, be it at a bar or at a fancy restaurant that she frequents with her girlfriends. You can meet them living it up on vacation in pricey resorts or at a gym, working on maintaining that killer figure. Plus, there are always cougar dating sites, but the point is that you won’t meet a cougar in a dorm, in class or having a picnic at a park. She’s an established woman that has worked her way to the top, and now she’s enjoying all the perks of living the high life. That being said, she won’t need you to support her financially, but she will appreciate it if you could keep up with her pace.

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