Top 3 Ways to Make a Metalhead Happy

heavy metal dating

Like any other niche out there, heavy metal dating has its positive and negative aspects that you should keep in mind if you’ve got a hot metalhead by your side. Today, we explore what it takes to make him happy, and draw your attention to a few things that can ensure you don’t end up in the ‘ex’ column.

#1: Let Them Turn Up the Volume

Music is a huge part of any metalhead’s life, so much so that they often play an instrument either professionally at local venues or with a group of friends. They love listening to music at work, in the car, at home, at 2am when they come back from a night out, and pretty much any time they can. Denying a metalhead this pleasure is a sure way to become history, which is why you need to embrace his love of music more or less unconditionally. If you’re into country music there is a very small chance you’ll be able to tolerate that much electric guitar, which means compatibility in music tastes really goes a long way here.

#2: Don’t Expect Too Much Physical Activity

If you’re into cycling to work, hiking on the weekend, and camping in the woods for two weeks at a time, your metalhead crush will probably not be able to keep up with you. Metalheads are usually couch potatoes for most activities other than anything that is music related. That’s why pushing a metalhead to get off their butt and join you at the gym is unlikely to lead to a long-lasting relationship. If, on the other hand, you like to attend underground metal gigs all over town you’ll make him extremely happy, and he’ll see you as someone who likes him for who he really is.

#3: Hopefully You like Junk Food

Cooking for two when dating a metalhead usually consists of making eggs for breakfast. You’re far more likely to please him if you go out and grab some street food on the way to his friends’ gig than if you stay at home and serve him chicken with a side of broccoli. Don’t expect a metalhead to appreciate fine dining or your superb vegan cooking skills. However, if you’re good at baking and can make cookies, cake, and pie, he’d love to see you put on a sexy apron and work your magic! As long as you don’t force him to eat healthy, go to bed early, and work out he’ll be happy to have you by his side.

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