Top 5 Celebrity Couples Who Met Online

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If you believe that online dating is just for desperate losers who can’t find a date in real life, you’d better think again. Actually, many celeb couples are together thanks to the almighty Internet. And if famous stars have nothing against this modern matchmaking, why should you? Go on and give one of those free singles dating sites a chance. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is only a few clicks away?  And while you are waiting for someone to respond you, check out this list of (ex) couples who met online.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

This hot and heavy couple has been dating since last Halloween. They started flirting on Twitter and one thing led to another. She thought that he was really funny and Wells was a fan of her show. They started exchanging messages and the rest is history.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

Another social media love story. The famous actress Mandy Moore took a picture of a ‘Dawes’ album and posted it on her Instagram profile. The frontman of the band, Taylor Goldsmith, saw it and sent her a message. They started exchanging messages, eventually went on a date and today they are happily engaged.

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

One day, Martin was scrolling through Instagram when he saw a piece of art which caught his eye. He loved it so much that he immediately contacted the artist. They began talking and after six months of chatting, they finally decided to meet. The singer flew to London where their story officially began. Today, this couple is engaged.

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young

When Young tweeted that had a crush on Iggy back in 2014, her friends immediately informed her about his post. And since she thought that he was handsome and cute, she decided to go out on a date with him. After one year of dating, Nick figured out that he wanted to spend his life with her, so he proposed her on his 30th birthday. The couple was engaged for a year before they parted ways. Well, not all love stories have happy ends.

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks

YouTube star Jai Brooks made the first move and tweeted her. He even made a video in which he explained why she should date him. How could she resist him? The couple dated for two years before they split up.

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