Top 6 Changes In Your Life That Will Help You Dazzle A Cowboy

Dazzle A Cowboy

If it seems like you are always dating the same bad guy, maybe it is time to start going out with another type of men. Bad boys can be fun for a while, but when you are always falling for them, your heart gets broken time after time. Change your ways, check out a cowboy dating site or find a nice guy at work. Here are several tips which will help you move on.

Kick your exes out of your place

Maybe you have broken up, but their things are all over your apartment. Get rid of them, delete their numbers, and block them on social media. This doesn’t include just your boyfriends, but also flings, one night stands and booty calls. Get a clean start.

Create a new dating profile

Redefine things you are looking for. Focus on the things that matter. If you are only looking for guys who have a nice set of pecks and gorgeous eyes, you will end up on the same road. Try out cowboy dating site. These guys are usually very nice so give them a shot.

Things that remind you of your past loves

Every girl has that place which reminds her of her ex or that special song which breaks your heart over and over again every time you hear it. Give them new meanings! Go to that restaurant you and your ex kissed for the first time and have a blast with your girlfriends. Listen to “your” song on an awesome road trip.

Be happy on your own

If you hate being on your own you will much probably settle for a guy who doesn’t deserve. When you can spend time by yourself you will be pickier when it comes to guys. That way a Bad Boy won’t slip under your radar.

Still choosing bad guys?

Then stop choosing. Let your friends do it. Go on dates with someone they set you up with. Guys you meet on your own go in the friend zone. That way you will get to know a lot of nice guys and act more naturally around other guys you meet because the “date or not date” pressure will be off.

Make changes

Wear  that dress that has been sitting in your closet for years, cut your hair, give highlights a chance, try country dating, anything that  will make you feel new and different.

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