Top 6 Tips For The Hottest Skype Sexting Ever

The Hottest Skype Sexting Ever

Move over flirting at clubs, Skype sexting is the hip new way to spend a hot Thursday night. How else would you meet all those sexy strangers from exotic lands who can blow your mind in less than 15 minutes?

If you want to get it on with someone on Skype who’s away or you just want to find a random person for a Skype sexting ‘one-night-stand’, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a list of all the things you need to do to make your Skype sexting unforgettable.

Tip #1: Come Up With a Plan

Before you start sexting on Skype, come up with a plan and strategy on how you want to do it. Write down all the things you want to cover, from role play to dirty talk. Exchange your sexy list with your partner so they can prepare for what’s coming. When things get heated, you can each pick a task to do.

Tip #2: Get in the Mood

Even though there are no webcams included (or are there?), it would help your cause if you set the mood. Dress up in some sexy lingerie that turns you on, and don’t forget to dim the lights and put on some music. Keeping your favorite lube handy could also do the trick.

Tip #3: Share Your Thoughts

If you’re feeling nervous about getting it on over the internet, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. You’ll feel better if you acknowledge how you’re feeling, and don’t be surprised if you partner feels the same. Also, laughing about it will help relax you, and get your blood flowing, which can put you in the mood.

Tip 4: Touch Yourself Slowly

As things progress, start touching yourself slowly and suggest your partner does the same. Use manual stimulation or sex toys, and ask them for a hot pic for your viewing pleasure. Breathe deeply as if your partner were in the same room with you because this will prepare you for intense sexting that’s ahead.

Tip #5: Where’s That List?

Remember the list you made before your Skype sexting session? Get it out and pick an activity for you and your partner to do. Build your pleasure by taking turns in the sexy acts that you wrote down, and get kinkier as things move along. Not only will you feel more excited, but you’ll also transfer that excitement to your partner so you can both get to the Big O. together.

Tip #6: Let Loose

Letting loose is a given, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. Whether you opt to sext on Skype or prefer Kik sexting, the tips you need to follow are pretty much the same when it comes to having fun with it. You might feel silly in the beginning, but by pretending you’re in the same room pretty soon you’ll actually feel like you’re together.

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