Truths about TS Dating you wish you knew before

Truths about TS Dating

Dating itself is full of challenges, especially nowadays when people are overly egotistical, alienated from others and act like passive observers in their lives while feeling disappointed all the time. Still, it is even more challenging to arrange TS meet ups and dates with transgender people in general because they definitely belong to a vulnerable group of persons. Namely, transgender individuals were struggling with gender issues for most of their lives before finally coming to terms with who they are. And now just want to enjoy the chance to be happy and live their lives to the fullest. So, if you’ve decided to date transgender men or women you should definitely check out these truths about transsexual dating that can help you prevent any possible mistakes and enjoy the whole thing to the max.

They are not obliged to answer to all of your questions

Transgender persons live for the day when they won’t have to listen to all those impolite and intrusive questions regarding their lower region, surgery and hormone therapy. Sure, they will answer to all of your questions as your relationship thrives, read: when you get really close to each other. This means that these sorts of questions shouldn’t be used as conversation starters – or possibly, never. Your date will open up to you when they feel the moment is right and you should be okay with it and respect their decision.

They are not what you see in adults movies

We can blame porn industry for many things, and fetishizing transgender women is certainly one of those. In addition, men often feel super-comfortable calling a trans lady “shemale” or “tranny”, which are, as we all know, derogatory terms. There is also this issue about straight males who are secretly attracted to trans women and will act amazingly in private but they will display certain signs of insecurity or even a full-blown transphobia in public, which is clearly a sign they are dealing with their own demons. If you’re not sure about your sexual preferences and feel like dating a trans woman would jeopardize your hetero status then don’t do it (even though this doesn’t make you gay) because you can seriously hurt your date’s feelings and more importantly, you probably won’t be happy.

Do you think that transgender individuals deserve to have a happy and fulfilling love lives just like everyone else? We would really like to hear from you in the comment section below!

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