Using Nifty Tricks for finding Celebrities on Snapchat: Complete Guide

Finding Celebrities on Snapchat

We love using Snapchat, but finding celebrities on this app is hard as hell, mainly because many of them don’t even use their real name in their username. However, we have some tricks up our sleeve. Keep reading and find out how to find your favorite starts on Snapchat.

Many of us use Snapchat to share interesting photos and videos with our friends. We love it’s fun filters and making ourselves look like a dog or a reindeer. We mustn’t forget about the face-swap!
Besides keeping in touch with our friends, we use this app to see what are our favorite stars doing these days. Unfortunately, finding our favorite actors or singers isn’t easy on Snapchat as it is on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can’t find them by their names, just usernames. And this creates a problem.

Celebrities on Snapchat usually don’t use their full names as their username and the app doesn’t offer recommendations of people to follow. So how can you find out famous Snapchat usernames? Not all hope is gone! With our little tricks using Snapchat won’t be so complicated, and you will be able to find out which famous people Snapchat. So, let’s begin.

The easiest way

Check out their other social media profiles. The chances are they’ve advertised their Snapchat name somewhere on their other accounts. Also, there are many sites with long lists of celebrity Snapchat names. Check them out.

Add me

Go to the ‘add friends’ page (swipe down from the top of the camera page). Tap ‘add friends’ and search “official” to find the 20 most recent Official Stories from verified users.

Let me tell you a story

Live Stories are user-submitted and Snapchat-curated stories that live for 24 hours on the app. Swipe left to enter the stories section. Scroll down until a search bar appears, and then type the word “official”. When you hit that search button, you’ll soon see every certified account that currently has a story live. If you find any celebrities that you love, you’ll see their username in the top-left corner of the screen while the snap plays. Tap that area to see a mini-profile for that user and add them without ever having to leave the Live Story you were watching in the first place.


Yes, you can even search for your favorite stars via emoji. It’s a fun way to search and you’ll never know who you may find. Search for the emoji of your choice instead of “official” to find more celebrities. Only use this method if you have a lot of free time, cause it will take you a while to find everyone you want to follow.

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