What It’s Like to Be Married to a Metalhead

heavy metal dating

Choosing a life partner is definitely one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. You simply have to know this, especially if you plan on marrying someone unique, like a man from the heavy metal dating scene. In order to make a good decision, you have to be knowledgeable about the traits and flaws of your future husband. So, if you want to marry a man who enjoys this music genre, here’s what that marriage will look like.

He Will Wear Only Black Clothes

If you decide to marry a guy from the metal dating scene, you should know that he will only wear black clothes. This may seem like something unimportant at first, but it might be a problem at certain events, like weddings, for example. For these special occasions, you’ll probably want him to dress classy, but he will probably choose his favorite black outfit. Don’t get us wrong, a man dressed all in black can be very classy, but not at every social occasion.

You’ll Have to Go with Him to Metal Gigs

It doesn’t matter if you met your future husband via some sort of heavy metal dating site or in person, we assure you that you’ll probably have to go to a lot of metal gigs with him. Metalheads are really passionate about seeing their favorite bands live and your husband will probably want to show you what that looks like. To be completely honest, he won’t ask you to go to every single gig, but he will be offended if you refuse him every time. Occasionally, you’ll have to make certain sacrifices and go with him. Trust us, this will mean a lot to him.

Young Metal Chicks Will Hit on Him

Being married to a handsome man really is a treat, but it can also be rather difficult, especially if there are women who are interested in him. A good looking metalhead is very popular among young metal chicks and you should know that they will hit on him at every local gig he visits. So, if you are a jealous woman, this will probably be a problem for you. Well, the safest thing to do is to go with him to these gigs and make sure no one hits on him.

You’ll Have to Listen to His Lectures About the Real Music

If you decide to marry a metal fan, you’ll have to listen to his lectures about real music every day, especially if you enjoy some genre of music that he does not approve. Most metalheads approve only classic rock and roll music and metal genre. Therefore, every time he hears something that annoys him, you’ll have to listen all about the real musicians and bands. This can be annoying, but these guys are pretty passionate about music, so watching them talk about it can be really cute.

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